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I started this whole crazy adventure because of a fear of tents. I wanted to explore the world in new and different ways and be part of the amazing Volkswagen community. I’ve recently been influenced by minimalism which has further pushed me to focus on experiences rather than things. I’m a social work graduate student by day and cleaner, organizer, planner, and writer of the Unfiltered Thoughts section by night.

Due to the nature of my work, my social media is private but you can always email me.


I’m always up for anything so when Amandine wanted to buy a Volkswagen Bus and travel, I was game. My day job is in IT but I love learning new skills, which is practical considering I’m the mechanic of the family. I don’t like saying much about myself but rather let my photography and other projects speak for themselves.

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I’m the best dog in the world, no questions. I love looking out the window and adventuring with my parents. I make sure to bark every time I see something interesting in case my parents miss it. I also like to bark at night if I hear ANYTHING, I just want to keep my parents safe. I love them. Sometimes, I do bark at my own farts, but you know what? I’d rather be safe than sorry. I must be doing something right since we’ve never been bothered, so I’ll keep barking.

Also, I love going outside, LOVE IT.


Phoenix is a 1979 Riveria (not Westfalia) Volkswagen Bay Window Bus that we acquired in September 2013. It came to us tan with stylish lines and swan decals. Since then, it has had a few paint jobs and has been on a number of adventures and trips.

Phoenix is named so after being brought back from the dead still full of life with a nod to Harry Potter. Also, it has caught fire a few times and some may argue it has made Phoenix stronger.

Unnamed Vanagon

UV is a 1986 Westfalia Carat Volkswagen Vanagon acquired on May 4th (National Star Wars Day) 2017. It is currently unnamed as we are still getting to know this Vanagon and its personality but its purchase day requires us to go the Star Wars direction.