[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]April 2015: Prep time

Here it is, the moment we have been waiting for.

It is time to prep for H2o international.

We have taken 2 weeks off to drive down, spend some time in Ocean City, Maryland, and slowly drive back up. A week of sunshine, friends, car, fun, fluffy and most importantly, camping in the bus. That’s right, our biggest, longest trip ever in the bus. 12 days living in the bus, the two of us (Kevin and Amandine) and Fluffy, our dog.


It’s also nerve-racking. There is so much prepping work that needs to be done and of course everything that can go wrong is going wrong. Like the brakes for example, they’ve decided to not come on the trip and are really messed up right now. Of course that’s not enough so the 2 online orders we’ve placed have arrived with the wrong parts and now we’re not even sure we’ll leave on time, OR AT ALL!

September 26th, 2016:

Everything worked out after hours of packing.

We went through NYC for our first night and got Momofuku Ramen by the famous and amazing David Chang as it was a bucket list dinner we wanted and Milk bar for dessert getting some amazing baked goods. We drove to New Jersey and parked there at a rest stop for the night. We’re getting used to sharing the space, which is difficult at times, but we are enjoying it.




Over the next few days, we drove down and ended up in Pennsylvania and stopped by Hershey. We have been going to gyms to work out and shower whenever they are close by. It was one of the reasons we wanted a gym pass that had locations nationwide (SNAP Fitness). They aren’t everywhere, but it works well enough for us on the east coast, they’re 24hrs, they have ZUMBA, and there’s one less than 2 minutes away from our house in Vermont.






The next stop was Maryland. Over the next three days, we spent time with friends going to meetups, dinners and just hanging out. A massive storm was coming so we ended up leaving the island and continuing our adventure in nearby states.



Waking up in Maryland!



We ended up going to Washington DC doing the Holocaust Museum and some crime museum. This is when we started having issues with the steering column. The turning indicator broke and would not work at all so Kevin investigated and found a hack. Kevin was able to manually override the toggle switch by using a wrench and shove it in there hard enough for the indicator to magically work. Yes, this was done in 5pm traffic on the busiest highway in Washington, DC during a rainstorm. But, yes there is a but, there’s always a but. But, once every 5 or so wrench shoving application, the wrench would complete the circuit for the horn and would result in a loud horn in the middle of the traffic/rainstorm/highway and would also shock Kevin. I do not mean startled, I mean electricity running through his body while I tried not to laugh hysterically. I failed miserably at the one task I had as you can see for yourself:

If that wasn’t enough, 1979 Volkswagen buses are not known for their defogging capabilities. As if the steering column, the horn and the electric shock weren’t enough, Kevin had to constantly manually squeegee the interior of the windshield to simply be able to drive and see. Again, I laughed hysterically which I recorded for your pleasure. Please forgive the laughter in the background…

Somehow, our next stop was Philadelphia and yes, it was raining and the turn indicator were not fixed. There, Amandine did the Mutter Museum of medical oddities which was an absolute blast while Kevin and Fluff roamed around. We came back up to Vermont a bit early due to the issues we were experiencing and stopped in Albany for delicious food. We left the bus and Fluffy in Burlington while we attended the Burton Fall Bash since Kevin is an employee at Burton and it’s always a good time.

We still had a few days off and decided to not end our adventure quite yet. We packed some items in Kevin’s Rabbit, left Fluffy with our roommate and drove to Niagara Falls which we had never been to before despite living 6 hours away. We discovered Dynosaur BBQ, greatest food EVER, and slept in the back of the Rabbit at some rest stops. Niagara Falls was incredible.







And after almost two weeks of adventure, expected and unexpected, laughs, smelly farts, rain, heat and limited space, we arrived back to the comfort of home where our queen size bed and hot shower felt like luxuries of a past life. Still, we wish it wasn’t over quite yet…



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