We bought Phoenix in September 2014 and three weeks later, after only minimal tune up and maintenance, we left Boston and went to Ocean City, Maryland for H20i for a week. It was stupid to go so far without any real prep, but it was incredible. It was our first trip and our first night in the bus we had been dreaming of owning which meant nothing, not even the holes in the seats or the dust of 35-year-old curtains falling apart could take the magic away. Surprisingly, we made it there and back without problems or breakdowns.

H20i is one of the largest Volkswagen show more specifically for water cooled cars but with a decent air-cooled scene. Being part of Volkshore, a local Volkswagen and Audi group that meets up weekly near Boston, it also meant spending the week causing the strip and eating great food with awesome people.

Here’s a video Kevin made about the trip.


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