Paint booth. When your $30 rattle can paint job isn’t doing it anymore..

Phoenix has changed many times over the years and we always knew it would one day get a "proper" paint job, however, we knew very well some serious work needed to be done first.

Here's how Phoenix came to us in September 2013, complete with swan decals on this two toned majestic beast:


We weren't able to do all the restoration we were hoping for in 2014 due to a lack of garage space and tools. Instead, we did some of the most necessary work to continue our adventures, and gave Phoenix a fresh coat of fun green and purple to seal in some of the work we had completed (the picture below on the right shows the panel we had been working on). This was a complete rattle can job, ridiculous but awesome. The $30 cost isn't too far from the truth.





In the end, it was pretty damn glorious. Amandine here, I think this is the most fabulous Phoenix has ever looked.

In 2016, after the purchase of a new house and a magnificent garage along with it, it was finally time to do some serious work on the body. You can read more about the serious work we, well mostly Kevin, put in on the body and especially the from windshield area here. After that was completed, it was time to prep Phoenix for painting. The first step before the new paint job is to bribe others to come and help you sand your bus for free booze and free BBQ!


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Made some dropdown walls [rolled up in picture] in the garage and a filtered airway into the working area with the exhaust fan as well. Ordered the paint and got a HPLV paint gun.






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