Rust & front windshield restoration insanity extravaganza

This project took about 2 months.

So we started with tearing out all the windows to treat the rust and replace the aging rubber seals.



Of course that project wasn’t big enough for us however. We decided we should clean up the sliding door rail covers too, and the metal under the front cap, and the front windshield rust, and the rusted out rain gutters, and remove the access panels for water and shore power [they were leaking and rusting], and since we are already at this point… Lets build a paint booth and repaint Phoenix! This post will just focus on rust restoration and the windshield.


Of course this required removing the entire interior. And many parts of the exterior. This is why writing unfiltered is necessary, because it’s work. It’s blood, sweat, tears, frustration, giving up, hours of googling, hours of trying something that leads to nowhere, spending money that doesn’t seem worth it, and having the patience and trust in the finished product. We always get there, but it isn’t pretty. This is the real adventure of bus life and van life.


This is just as much part of the fun as the driving is. You have to love one to appreciate the other. Of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make jokes such as holey bus batman [although that might have only been me making that joke…].


The rain gutters are/were pretty brutal… luckily I grabbed a new welder and started grinding and cutting and treating this mess…


We also removed the panels we weren’t using that were causing more harm than good.


I was really getting sick of this at this point…. and next up is the front window frame….


A lot more difficult mentally than anything else at this point, and thankfully I had some great friends with great experience and resources to help me plan and execute this out [huge thanks to you guys again by the way].


Sometimes you just have to mess around when doing piles and piles of work.


But it’s completed! Although not yet painted.



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