“The real adventure is internal.”


Amandine here. It’s been difficult to put these writings into context and to describe this page but after some time, I’m starting to understand why Unfiltered Thoughts are so important to me.

First, I believe in writing honestly, openly, unbounded, freely, unfiltered. In all honesty, of course this is impossible. We all filter our thoughts and our words before we share them, it’s human nature. What I am trying to do is go beyond the dreamy Instagram pictures to show you the good, the awesome, and the ugly. It’s my way of fighting against our culture’s tendency to show the highlight reels without the behind the scenes and it is a big drive in our name change to Van Life Unfiltered.

The other aspect to this section is that adventure is an internal process. Anxiety, distraction, vulnerability, mindfulness, and reflection are all part of the adventure. Without them, the adventure means nothing. This is where I make sense of it all because because reflection and writing allows me to understand why this is such an important part of my life. I hope this offers others to reflect on what they value in life and what they deem important enough to pursue as well as how to pursue it. I always welcome emails, thoughts, discussions and feedback.